Trip Report: 2010 South Park Valley Weekend Trip
7/22/2010 - 7/25/2010
Shame on us for waiting so long to finally settle down into the South Park Valley to sample some of the fun the area has to offer.  And as our group of nine discovered, there’s more than a Fair amount of Play possibilities near Fairplay!  Trip highlights included a memorable day spent rafting through scenic Browns Canyon and the (re)discovery of the Gold Dust Trail from the top of Boreas Pass down into the town of Como.  It turned out to be one of most delightful rides in the valley, with wonderfully varied treads ranging from steep, hand-aching downhills to lazy, swooping runs down an old water flume to miles of narrow, rolling singletrack weaving through thick forests.  So much fun, so close to home.  Who'd have thunk?!?
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