Trip Report: 2010 Cuchara Fall Foliage Weekend Trip
9/30/2010 - 10/3/2010
This year's Fall Foliage trip was almost the one that got away.  After our original lodging plans fell apart, by mere chance we were instead able to book the weekend at the Bristlecone Ranch, a $4.6 million mansion on 600 acres of scenic hillside looking down towards the majestic Spanish Peaks themselves.  From then, our grand weekend began in the Cucharas River Valley, a spectacular landscape walled by giant stone dikes and bursting with the golds, oranges, and reds from the peak autumn aspens.  The crew spent Friday riding the 14-mile Indian Creek Trail, where we encountered gorgeous hillsides, inspiring overlooks, and even a bear!  Saturday was spent hiking up the West Spanish Peak followed by a visit to La Veta for their Oktoberfest celebrations.  For three nights, our magnificent castle welcomed us home.  Then like the fading summer and fallings leaves, our glorious weekend was all too soon over.
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