2010 South Park Valley Weekend Camping Trip
8/20/2010 - 8/22/2010
With summer waning, there is precious little time left for camping weekends.  We'll pitch our tents under the stars and ride two of our favorite trails.  The Gold Dust trail, running mostly downhill nearly ten miles from Boreas Pass to Como, will entice us to ride on Saturday.  Come Sunday, we'll tackle the climb to 10,800' Georgia Pass from the Jefferson Campground, a 12-mile classic highcountry ride on the Colorado Trail.  Both are intermediate in grade and technical difficulty, but require good stamina.  Our base will be the Lodgepole Campground near Jefferson, where we have one site reserved for two nights.  The overnight component of the trip is limited to just eight people; but day riders are welcome to join in the fun.  Cost for the trip will be quite minimal - less than $20, not counting meals.
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