Trip Report: 2011 10th Mountain Hut Weekend Trip
8/12/2011 - 8/14/2011
What a treat it was to visit the brand new Fowler-Hilliard Hut!  The original hut was built in 1988 but burned to the ground, likely from a lightning strike, in 2009.  The new replacement was build in its ashes the following year, and 2011 was its inaugural summer opening.  Admittedly, this year was more about the hut than the riding.  Our luxurious hut sat at 11,600' so all rides had to end with a grueling climb back.  Some in the gang took on the challenge to ride all the way down to Camp Hale and back.  Others made for an easier day by just riding on the jeep trails along the ridgeline near the hut.  Spectacular views of the Holy Cross Wilderness, Gore Range, and vast carpets of wildflowers were numerous.  Unfortunately, so were the unusual number of bike crashes!  By day two, five bikers were sporting fresh war wounds.  Thankfully, the evenings were much kinder.  After brilliant sunsets and hearty dinners, the crew settled down outside by the campfire or inside with board and card games.
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