2012 Buffalo Creek Trailbuilding and Day Ride
7/21/2012 - 7/22/2012
We want to support the trailbuilding in the Buffalo Creek Recreation Area sponsored by COMBA this weekend.  People are encouraged to sign up for a work detail on Saturday, camp overnight, then enjoy a day of pure riding bliss on Sunday.  Alternatively, folks can get on board for just the day ride on Sunday.  With either option, you can expect to sail through the woods and across open meadows on the wonderfully swoopy trails near Pine.  This venue is one of our favorite haunts, and for good reasons!  Most of the trails are moderate and suitable even for those new to the sport of mountain biking.  Expect to cover about 20 miles in approximately five hours in the saddle.  Bring a sack lunch to enjoy along the way.  Those so inclined may choose to stop for a brew or other liquid refreshment at one of the local pubs on the route home. 
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Day Ride
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