Trip Report: 2007 10th Mountain Hut Weekend Trip
8/4/2007 - 8/6/2007
This year's hut trip is best summed up with one word: "MOIST!"  Dark clouds, fog, and wet trails greeted bikers every day.  While that may normally sound gloomy, the weather conditions were surprisingly pleasant for biking:  the rains came only after the rides, the clouds kept the temperatures cool and the harsh sun away, and the moisture firmed up the roads and eliminated any dust.  After arriving at the huts, bikers could relax to marvelous displays of nature ranging from near Gothic panoramas to playful dances of fog banks and shifting rainbows.  Thankfully, there were no major medicals or mechanicals to report.  The riding was great.  The food and booze, plentiful and yummy.  The company, as always, charming and delightful.  It looks like the evil hut sponsor is losing his touch!!
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