2014 Telluride/High Camp Hut Weekend Trip
8/14/2014 - 8/17/2014

This year we'll visit the High Camp Hut down in the southwest part of the state, just outside of picturesque Telluride.  High Camp Hut is a large log cabin built in 2000, south of Lizard Head Pass.  It marks a return to the rustic hut accomodations we've strayed from in the past two years.  Even so, it's still a very comfy place, and as always, it's situated on endless expanses of amazingly scenic mountainscape.  Due to support vehicle limitations, this trip is capped to only 12 participants.  The cost of $180/person covers one night of lodging at the Peaks Resort in Telluride, two nights at High Camp, and all meals at the Hut.

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