Trip Report: 2000 10th Mountain Hut Weekend Trip
8/12/2000 - 8/14/2000
Under a new trip sponsor, the club returned to Hagerman Pass after a very pleasant visit in 1998.  FYI: This is THE trip which started notorious reputation for the years of 10th Mountain Hut (Mis)Adventures to follow!
Despite a pleasant and early start that faithful morning, the bikers found themselves caught in a violent thunderstorm over the Pass.  The lucky ones were able ride down through the pummeling sheets of hail, rain, and lightning.  The unlucky ones abandoned their lightning magnets (bikes) and huddled in any hole they could find since no shelters or trees existed atop 11,900' Hagerman Pass.  Worse, few were prepared for the weather, wearing cotton outfits and carrying no rain gear.  The sag driver and vehicle did their best to loan out rain gear and shuttle terrified, hypothermic riders.  Very luckily, despite the horrific lightning blasts and raking hail over the Pass, everyone was able to make it to the Hut to finally dry and warm up.  The next two days brought warmer weather and sunny skies.  Even so, the ride over Hagerman that day was perhaps the most terrifying club members care to recall.
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