Trip Report: 2001 10th Mountain Hut Weekend Trip
8/4/2001 - 8/6/2001
The trip more memorable for the sag drivers than bikers.  The group visited the Fowler-Hilliard and Jackal Huts in 2001.  Starting at Copper Mountain, bikers rode up Wilder Gulch and various jeep trails to reach the huts and returned on the Colorado Trail over Kokomo and Searle Pass.

While the bikers enjoyed some of the best riding in the Vail/Copper/Leadville Triangle, the sag drivers had to white-knuckle through difficult river crossings, wacky road users, and steep, crumbly, and dangerously off-camber "roads" to reach the huts.  To make matters more unnerving, we had rented a brand new Mitsubishi Montero with only 6 miles on the odometer to use as the unfortunate sag.  It was amazing we didn't lose our damage deposit or any vehicle parts on that trip.  Due to the extreme driving requirements, the club is very unlikely to revisit these two huts.
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