Beaver Creek/Vail Valley Ski Weekend Trip
3/2/2017 - 3/6/2017
Well it's 2017, and the snow just keeps coming!!  We're going to Eagle County to ski the legendary mountains of Beaver Creek and Vail.  Check out this sweet, sweet vacation home: the Timberwolf in Cotton Ranch.  Even without all the information about the Eagle County ski trip post, the trip is all but sold out.  Don't be that guy(s) that says I wish I had!!   Please contact for more information or to sign up.  Currently, we have only one queen room left.  Cost is: 
1 Guest priced at $440.
2 Guests priced at $500, includes $60.00 per/person for meals (the $60.00 is not optional.)
If you don't have a Epic pass, we have a number of Friends & Family and Buddy passes that we are happy to share.  Although they are not free passes, they will greatly reduce the price from the normal walk-up day passes.  Additional trip updates will be posted and e-mailed.
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