COMBA's Buffalo Creek Trailbuilding Weekend
5/20/2017 - 5/21/2017
If it is the third Saturday in May, it must be Colorado Public Lands Day.  Celebrate by helping to repair and re-align trails we all know and love.  COMBA's 2016 trail build/repair workdays were phenomenal, with volunteers really ramping up their efforts to help keep the Buffalo Creek trail system in Pike National Forest one of the best in Colorado!  They completed the Little Scraggy Trail and repaired/re-aligned several miles of other trails.  They'll be back at it again in 2017, completing much-needed repairs and critical trail re-alignments on Buck Gulch, Strawberry Jack, Little Scraggy, the Colorado Trail and many of the other 21 trails that comprise the Buffalo Creek system.  Please check out COMBA's website for more information or to register.
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