2004 10th Mountain Hut Weekend Trip
8/20/2004 - 8/22/2004
While the fifth annual trip marks a return to the basic hut amenities, hopefully, the comforts offered by one of 10th Mountain’s newest gems should ease the “terrible” suffering.  Built in 1996, the Ben Eiseman hut will serve as base camp while we enjoy another long weekend exploring some untried singletrack trails, such as the well-rated Mountain Meadow Loop and Lost Lake to Buffehr Creek Trails.  Getting allergic to uphill biking and plump wallets?  Then try out Vail’s lift system and spend all dang day just tearing down the mountain instead.  Again, as we won’t be touring separate huts, most rides remain optional.  Come test your skills and luck sampling some of Vail’s lesser known trails on another wild hut expedition.
The total cost of $110 per person covers two nights at the hut, seven meals from Friday lunch to Sunday lunch, and gas for the support vehicles.
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