2003 10th Mountain Hut Weekend Trip
7/12/2003 - 7/14/2003
Creature comforts and white-knuckled downhills mark this year’s adventure.  Spending two nights at the luxurious Shrine Mountain Inn, atop Vail Pass, we’ll enjoy three days bombing down some of the state’s best trails with amenities unheard of in past hut trips: hot showers and flushing toilets!  The trip highlight will be Sunday’s ride on the notorious Commando Run and Two-Elks Trail.  While this ride is truly challenging, the other days’ rides are MUCH easier and no less scenic, especially with the abundant wildflowers expected during this time of year.  In fact, with the miracle of sag support, no ride will accumulate more than 1600’ of vertical.  Also, as we won’t be touring separate huts, all rides remain optional.
What’s the price for an insane 9400’ of vertical descent?  The total cost of $100 per person covers two nights at the inn, seven meals from Saturday lunch to Monday lunch, and gas for the sag vehicles.
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