2008 Lenawee Day Ride
Aug 23rd: Ride with the Bicycle Boys on Saturday from the base of the Arapahoe Basin Ski area up to the top of the Lenawee Lift, then fly down through the Montezuma Bowl on the Lenawee Trail to the town of Montezuma.  The elevation gain is about 1650' over 1.7 mi., mainly on a service road; the descent loses about 2450' in the course of 4.5 miles, mainly on gnarly singletrack.  This ride will require advanced biking skills, superior stamina and a shuttle. Meet at the Tres Potrillos restaurant at 40th & Colorado Blvd. at 8:00 am or at the Heritage Square parking lot at 8:30.  Bring a sack lunch, plenty of fluids, a camera and lots of enthusiasm.  Plan to spend about 5 hours in the saddle, with an additional 3 hours in travel time.
Event Type
Day Ride
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