Trip Report: 2009 Crested Butte 4th of July Weekend Trip
7/2/2009 - 7/5/2009
The trip to Crested Butte over the 4th of July was hugely popular, drawing a record thirty-one fellows who filled five condos.  With so many people and so many new faces, the camaraderie was terrific.  The large number also made it easy to stage a variety of hikes and bike rides every day to suit different tastes.  While the weather was skittish, with generous showers every day, there were still ample opportunities to explore the myriad fantastic trails in the area.  The plentiful moisture also insured a bonanza of wildflowers and lush vegetation.  A social hour every evening (with gallons of killer margaritas), delicious group dinners and card games into the night went hand in hand with sightseeing, shopping, holiday parades and fireworks.
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