Trip Report: 2009 10th Mountain Hut Weekend Trip
8/7/2009 - 8/9/2009
The eleven hutsters, who ventured to this year's trip to Walter's Cabin at the top of Shrine Pass, were greeted with perhaps the best combination of weather and trail conditions ever.  The fields were thick with brilliant wildflowers.  Meanwhile, the bright sunny skies and cooling mountain breezes made for some amazingly comfortable riding conditions.  Some in the group ventured on hiking trips to Shrine Ridge and Piney Lake, while the biking majority tackled the best trails in the Vail area: Commando Run to Two-Elk, Meadow Mountain, and Lost Lake.  Afternoons were spent lazing out on the deck overlooking Copper Mountain and the Ten-Mile Range.  Delicious meals and free-flowing drinks filled the cool nights in the crisp alpine air.  Happily, there were no major crashes or mechnicals to dampen the perfect weekend.  Oh, if all hut trips can be so magical!
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