Buffalo Creek

Devastated by numerous wildfires over the last two decades, the Buffalo Creek area and its many miles of intersecting trails are a blazing delight (ahem!) to mountain bikers of all skill levels.  Located in the South Platte River valley 5.7 miles south of Pine Junction on Jeffco Hwy 126, the area around Buffalo Creek and Pine offers a wonderful collection of trails that can be woven together in endless configurations to keep you happily in the saddle for hours on end.  The trails are moderately demanding, with lots of rolling terrain.  There are few technical challenges, but the elevation gain of about 2600 feet and the overall altitude appeal to serious riders.  Raspberry Ridge and Black Jack, two new trails which opened in 2011, are noteably much more technical and demand expert riding skills.  Several trails on the south side connect with the Colorado Trail.
For the official website for Pine Valley Ranch Park, please click here.  For an online PDF map of the bike trails in the area, click here.

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