White Ranch

White Ranch Park is situated in the foothills just west of Golden and is readily accessible from Denver.  Its location and variety of trails make it a favorite playground for mountain bikers.  Those new to the sport of two wheeling in the woods will enjoy the easier trails in the upper section of the park, accessed from Crawford Gulch Rd.  These trails include Sawmill and Maverick. Intermediate riders will appreciate the challenge of the 4.2 mile Rawhide trail.  Experienced bikers will likely prefer to ride from the lower parking lot off Colo. Hwy 93, grinding up notorious Belcher Hill (elevation gain of 1850'), then careening down the Mustang, Shorthorn and Longhorn trails, which demand expert abilities.  Because the 18 miles of trails in the park intersect, one can ride from a mile or two up to twenty or more in a day.  Similarly, the elevation gain can be anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand feet, depending upon one's choice of trails.  Be forewarned that it can be much cooler topside, wind is frequently a factor, and the weather can change abruptly during the day.
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