Fraser / Winter Park

The Fraser Valley around the ski resort of Winter Park claims to have over 600 miles of trails to delight mountain bikers of all ability levels.  In fact, the valley offers more entry level trails than any other place in Colorado, making it a paradise for those new to the sport.  In addition, the ski resort runs a lift every day during the summer, making it an easy task to get to the top of the mountain and onto a network of trails that wind back down to the valley below.  Those willing to pay in sweat rather than cash can crank their bikes up to the top of the ski mountain.  Whether you prefer a scenic ride through the woods of the Fraser Valley or a screaming descent on the ski mountain, you will find something to your liking.  There are campgrounds and condos aplenty, and a fine hostel in Fraser to provide a place to stay for those who want to spend more than a day enjoying the area.

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