Crested Butte

No other place in Colorado can match the exquisite beauty or challenging trails found in Crested Butte.  Home to the world’s first fat tire festival, Crested Butte can honestly lay claim to being the cradle of mountain biking.  It also is famous as the wildflower capital of the state.  The 401, 409, Deadman's Gulch, Flag-Reno-Bear, Dyke and Teocalli Ridge trails are among the best in Colorado (or anywhere else).  These classic trails appeal to the most skilled riders in the sport.  Less adept bikers will find plenty of satisfaction on trails in the Brush Creek drainage southeast of town (Strand Hill Loop, Farris Creek Loop) or in the Slate River (Lower Loop, Peanut Lake, Gunsight Pass Road), East River, Washington Gulch (Snodgrass Mtn. and 403 Trail) and Coal Creek valleys north and west of Crested Butte.  If it's a truly awesome adventure you're after, try riding the round trip from Crested Butte to Aspen (or vice versa) over either Pearl or Taylor pass.

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