Deer Creek Canyon Park

This park lies southwest of Denver, a short drive up Deer Creek Canyon a few miles west from C-470 and Kipling.  The mountain biking in this Jefferson County Open Space park is intense and exhilarating.  A good rider can finish most of the park's trails in about 1.5 hours, having covered about 9 miles and climbed 1600 feet.  Like most Front Range rides, the toughest part comes early.  Erosion has made the steeper sections of lower Plymouth Creek Trail very rocky, and a few very short segments are too intimidating for all but the most expert riders.  Once you reach the turnoff for the Plymouth Mountain Loop, however, the trail becomes incredibly sweet and includes great views of the Denver area.  Most riders will want to take the short spur trail to the lookout point atop Plymouth Mountain.  From the top of the park, the trail drops sharply down to the intersection with the Red Mesa Trail, which is a lollipop side trail with its own 2.5 mile loop in the trees.  If you're feeling really ambitious, try doing this circuit once in each direction.  Once that's done, it's either a fast descent back to the parking lot, or a hump back to the top of the park followed by a longer, fast descent going out the way you came in.
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