Matthews Winters / Dakota Ridge Park

Matthews Winters Park is one of the closest and most accessible foothills parks on Denver’s west side.  It is located just blocks south of I-70 on Colo. Hwy 26, immediately north of the famous Red Rocks Amphitheater.  Because of good sun exposure, the trails in the park are rideable well into the winter months.  The main rides in Matthews Winters are the Red Rocks and Morrison Slide trails, both of which call for intermediate biking skills.  The Dakota Ridge trail on the east side of Hwy 26 is the most technically challenging trail in the Denver area.  It is best ridden from north to south, and has very rocky, narrow passages, steep drop-offs and high steps.  It should be attempted only by riders with very sharp skills.  The elevation gain in riding a loop along the Dakota Ridge and then through Matthews Winters is only about 1000 feet.
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