Green Mountain Park

Green Mountain is a prominent feature in Denver’s western suburbs, and is easily accessed from several city streets.  The best parking is available at the Rooney Rd. trailhead on the park’s west side, adjacent to C-470.  The “mountain” is hardly more than a hill, and is barely noticeable against the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains.  Nevertheless, it has several attributes that endear it to mountain bikers.  First of all, it is close to the city and easy to get to.  Secondly, it is nearly treeless and has great sun exposure, meaning its trails dry out quickly and are snow-free much of the winter.  The perimeter trails around the west and south part of the park are very well suited to novice bikers, while experienced riders can keep in practice in winter months riding the numerous trails that go up the flanks and over the top of Green Mountain, which has an elevation gain of 980 feet.
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