Apex Park

Apex Park, like its neighbors White Ranch, Mathews Winters and Mt. Falcon, occupies a piece of real estate perched sideways on the hogback range that marks where the Rocky Mountains erupt out of the plains.  The park trailhead shares the parking lot with the Heritage Square amusement park just off US Hwy 40 between the town of Golden and I-70.  As is so often the case in Jefferson County Open Space parks, there is no opportunity to warm up before starting a serious climb – there’s nowhere but "up" right out of the parking lot.  You have a choice of several trails in this small park -- Apex, Sluicebox, Pick 'n' Sledge, Grubstake, Enchanted Forest.  All are demanding.  Trails tend to be narrow and steep with sharp switchback turns and waterbars.  In addition, these trails have become popular with downhill bikers, who use the roads on Lookout Mountain to shuttle their rigs to the top so they can bomb downhill with hardly a turn of the pedals.  The trails all interconnect, so the rider can choose a variety of loops.
Note: Some trail sections are only one-way on odd-numbered days.
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