Colorado Springs

Like it or not, the bastion of conservatism in the Front Range, Colorado Springs, has some of the area's finer rides around.  The state's second largest city is home to the US Air Force Academy and often ranked as the "most fit" city in the United States.  That's hardly surprising considering the abundance of  hiking, mountain biking, running, rafting, boating, rock climbing, horseback riding, fishing, golfing and ballooning to be had within this city's milder climate.  Those inclined towards an easier cruise may hop onto the 17-mile New Santa Fe Trail as it makes its way from the Springs to Palmer Lake.  In addition, the nearby little town of Monument just north of the city offers its own gems of bike trails; the most notorious singletrack is the Stoopid Trail, which demands good bike handling skills.  There is a fun maze of moderate singletrack trails around Monument Rock.

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