Curt Gowdy State Park, WY

Located 24 miles west of Cheyenne, WY, this park encompasses three man-made reservoirs in rolling terrain in the Laramie Mountains.  In recent years, 35 miles of mountain bike trails were built in the park, using volunteer labor under the direction of IMBA.  The 22 distinct trails in the network run the gamut from easy rollers to highly technical routes that demand expert riding skills.  Shoreline and Crystal Ridge are rated easy.  Stone Temple, Mahogany, Rock 'n' Roller, Albert's Alley, Foxtail, Crow Creek, Sammy's Slide, Skin & Bones and Pinball are rated intermediate.  Canyons, Cliffhanger, Blue's Cruz, Mo'Rocka, Ignouramus, 2%, El Alto, and End o Line get advanced or harder ratings.  The soil throughout the park is mainly decomposed granite, which means trails are mostly smooth, but loose and sketchy in some places.  There are also abundant granite rocks of all sizes lurking along the trail to catch your pedals or bash your bottom bracket.  Trails range in elevation from 6700 to 8000 feet.  There are 150 campsites in the park, 35 of which may be reserved in advance.  A day-use or campsite fee is required.

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