Wilder Gulch Trail
Wilder Gulch Trail is an 8-mile out-and-back singletrack trail connecting Vail Pass to Ptarmigan Pass.  Start at the Vail Pass Rest Area and ride down towards Copper Mountain.  The trail turns right quickly off the bike path and begins its 1200' climb towards Ptarmigan Pass to the west.  The singletrack is moderately technical for 2.5 miles through willow stands and lush meadows until it finally meets up with Wearyman Road near the top of Elk Ridge.  Turn left on the road and follow it up to Ptarmigan Pass (11,700’).  Return back or continue forward 2 miles to the Fowler-Hilliard 10th Mountain Hut or 10 miles to Camp Hale. West off of the bike path.  Look for an electrical box by the path.
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