Ribbon Trail
The Ribbon Trail is a very unique and exhilarating experience.  For the most part, it runs over an incredibly long, steeply pitched slab of slickrock.  There are terrific views along the way, which should be enjoyed for their own sake and not just because your hands and arms ache for a break from careening downhill at an insane clip.  Most people ride the Ribbon downhill from the trailhead just off Little Park Road, about a five mile climb up from Grand Junction.  Once at the bottom of a dry wash, the Ribbon joins the Andy's Loop trail leading back into town.  Those who have survived to this point and still have a hankering for more challenge can forsake Andy's and hike-a-bike a huge hill back up to Little Park Road, which they will cross to get to the Gunny Loop trail for an awesome ride on sweet singletrack back to town.  This ride should be attempted only by those who are really proficient bikers. Park in the little lot by the main road.
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