Falcon Trail
Once an overgrown, boulder-strewn, and barely rideable ugly duckling, the Falcon Trail underwent extensive renovations and reroutings in recent years that transformed it into the beautiful swan of a bike ride it is today!  Voted Best Bike Trail in Colorado Springs in 2007, the Falcon Trail is a nearly 13-mile loop running inside the US Air Force Academy designed to highlight the area's natural and manmade beauties.  The trail offers a variety of terrains ranging from open fields to dense scrub oak to fragrant pine forests with several bridged creek crossings providing added accents.  The tread is mostly smooth singletrack, and the turns are numerous and banked to provide for some exciting downhill runs.  Climbs are gradual and broken up so they never become the monstrous uphill torments typical of so many Front Range trails.  All of which make Falcon a great ride for the beginner or early season riders.
For a pdf map of the Air Force Academy Trails, click here.
Park in the dirt lot north off of Academy Drive just NW of the stadium.
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