Jones's Downhill Park
Downhill, downhill, and more downhill!  Whoop-te-doos in the middle of aspen groves and Jones Park make for the ultimate downhill run in the area.  The Forest Service is in the midst of some trail construction here.  Not to worry, though.  When confused, simply point the tires down the fall line.  All the side trail will funnel back to Trail 667 or 668.  The ride ends at the High Drive parking lot.  But many other options exist.  Bring the map and invent a new combination.  This trail makes an excellent downhill leg for Gold Camp Road or St. Mary's Trail.  Located southwest of the Broadmoor.  Tread: 8.5 miles of singletrack and 1.7 miles of four-wheel-drive road. New construction in the Jones Park region has softened the tread.
--excerpts from Mountain Biking Colorado Springs by David Crowell
Upper parking lot.
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