Ragged Mountain Trail
The Ragged Mountain Trail (also called the Raggeds Trail #820) is an epic 20-mile ride through an exciting collection of spectacularly scenic and varied environments.  Unlike most mountain trails, Ragged Mountain dishes out its climbs and descents over many short spurts along the ride, through thick aspen and pine forests, wet fern understories, open meadows, and parched fields of sage and scrub oak.  Under thick forest cover for most of the first half of the trail, bikers are surprised to emerge in the open fields under the foot of the magestic Raggeds.  The ride then continues in and out numerous aspen groves and sage grasslands before ending with a long descent down the jeep road to Kebler Pass Road.  With over 2600' of climbing and 4600' of descent, riders should definitely shuttle this trail to start at the top of McClure Pass and end near the Erickson campground along Kebler Pass Road. 2.2 miles down the dirt road from McClure Pass.
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