Wheeler Geologic Area Road
This 14-mile, rough jeep trail provides vehicular access to the Colorado oddity known as the Wheeler Geologic Area. Wheeler is a beautiful demonstration of nature's powers of vulcanism and erosion. 30 million years ago, an immense explosion of the La Garita Caldera, near Creede, blew millions of tons of ash and rocks into the atmosphere. As the layers settled and eroded for eons, the landscape transformed into what is now nicknamed "the City of Gnomes," a weird and barren moonscape of jutting spires and deep chasms reminiscent of Utah's Bryce Canyons.  As the immediate area of Wheeler is part of the La Garita Wilderness, bikers must stay on the road and hike the last couple of miles into the heart of Wheeler.  The efforts are well worth it to experience one of Colorado's strangest formations. By Hanson Mill campground.
Geographic Area
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