American Lakes / Thunder Pass Trail
In terms of elevation gains, this 6-mile out-and-back trail is not that intense a ride.  Nevertheless, given that the entire trail lies above 10,400' on high-alpine terrain, this ride will challenge even the most expert and fit mountain bikers.  The trail starts from the midpoint of the Michigan Ditch Trail.  While there are several ways to get to the trailhead, the easiest route starts high on Cameron Pass and continues on the mellow but scenic Michigan Ditch Trail.  This route saves over 800' of elevation gain over the other trailheads: American Lakes and Crags Campground.  The trail is bikeable for the most part, and riders reaching all the way to the lake have the option of climbing onwards to reach 11,360' Thunder Pass, which leads into Rocky Mountain National Park (where bikes are not allowed off road!). Trail starts from the middle of Michigan Ditch Trail.
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