Meadow Mountain Loop
The Mountain Meadow Loop begins off US 24 near the town of Minturn.  It starts as a steady climb up FS Road 748 from the trailhead.  After 4.5 miles, the tail ends at the ride’s highest point at a forest service hut (9750’).  From there it's pretty much all exciting singletrack.  Descending down Whiskey Creek Gulch, the moderately technical singletrack trail ranges from long sweeping runs through aspen and fir forests to tight switchbacks littered with rocks and roots.  The trail eventually empties back into civilization across from Battle Mountain High School in Eagle Valley.  Following the side streets, bikers merge onto and ride the last miles on the frontage roads leading back to their cars. Park/start at the Forest Service parking lot.  The high school is also a good starting point.
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