Caribou Loop
Named after all things Caribou, this 15-mile loop out of Nederland has a bit of everything to satisfy everyone.  From town, the loop climbs up Caribou Road to the old townsite of Caribou on an easier dirt road.  The trail then becomes a rougher jeep trail as it heads south along the base of Caribou Hill and across Caribou Flats where riders may enjoy some spectacular scenery of the Indian Peaks Wilderness and Continental Divide to the west.  The trail quickly narrows into a rough doubletrack as it drops down the spine of Mineral and Eldorado Mountain into the town of Eldora.  The trail empties back onto the paved Eldora Road, which will return riders back to Nederland.  The moderate climbing, rich history, nice panoramas, and variety of terrain make this loop a rewarding alternative to any of Nederland's trails. Start and loop back to the shopping parking lot in Nederland.
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