Gold Dust Trail
This 9-mile singletrack trail from near the top of Boreas Pass down into the town of Como is a true mountain biking gem ignored by many riders.  It's divided into three very different sections by two jeep roads which cross the trail.  The upper section is a steep, fast, and sometimes loose rocky downhill blast from Boreas Pass Road.  The middle third is a fun romp down an old water flume, characterized by many twists and well banked curves.  The final section is typical Colorado singletrack, a thin ribbon climbing in and out of thick aspen groves, pine forests, open meadows, and creek crossings.  A short rock garden in this section is the only really difficult technical part of the entire ride.  The longer stretches of smooth tread weaving into the tight thickets of aspen groves make this trail an amazing ride, especially during the height of fall colors.  While most people may do this as a shuttled ride from the top of the Pass, biking up to Boreas Pass is not too tedious in itself.  The road is well graded, and the views across the South Park Valley make the 10-mile climb from Como pass quickly by. One half mile east of Boreas Pass.
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