St. Elmo / Hancock / Tincup Loop
This 16-mile ride consists of three distinct segments: the two jeep roads connecting St. Elmo with Hancock Pass and Tincup Pass and a 3-mile stretch of singletrack which closes out the roughly triangular loop.  The loop may be done in either direction but the climbs are more gradual if ridden clockwise.  Starting at St. Elmo, bikers climb for 8.5 miles up towards the old townsite of Hancock.  There they'll turn off towards Williams Pass and the less accessible northern end of the Alpine Tunnel.  Soon after the tunnel, the trail diminishes into a mere singletrack and that's where the punishment begins.  The rocky trail summits two high saddles (elevation: 12,400' and 12,100') at the top of Wildcat Gulch before dropping down to connect with the road coming from Tincup Pass, which will deliver bikers back to St. Elmo.  This is no easy ride.  While full of rich scenery and history, riders must pay for every reward with over 3000' of climbing on this loop. Start and loop back to St. Elmo.
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