Indian Creek Trail
While not technically close to the city of Pueblo, currently this is the geographic area nearest to this trail so we'll catalog it here for now.  Near the town of La Veta, 50 miles south of Pueblo, the Indian Creek Trail is a 14-mile, one-way doubletrack connecting Bear Lake with Indian Creek Road just outside of La Veta.  For most of the route, the trail follows the contour of the various drainages similar to the ups and downs of a rollercoaster.  A final massive climb around Raspberry Mountain after Bonnett Park will challenge even the most aerobically fit riders.  Sprinkled throughout this ride are some of the area's most beautiful sceneries, ranging from deep aspen and pine forests to picturesque overlooks to the Spanish Peaks and Cucharas River Valley.  The trail nets an overall 2000' drop when ridden in a northward direction. At Bear Lake campground at the end of FR 422.  There is a $5 daily use fee.
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