Lupine Trail
The 2.1-mile Lupine Trail opened in the spring of 2011.  It is an intermediate trail that mainly follows the contour line as it winds around the hillsides just north of town between Gothic Road and Slate River Road.  The easiest (mainly downhill) ride is from east to west, as there is significant elevation gain/loss at the Slate River Road trailhead.  The tread of the Lupine Trail is mainly hardpack dirt with some rocks protruding.  It is quite narrow in places, and has sharp drop-offs along the way.  The route is almost entirely exposed, with very little tree cover.  It is well-named, as the trail treads through great fields of lupine flowers.  Bikers can also link with the Lower Upper and Upper Upper trails in the Slate River Valley for a more extended ride. There is no parking allowed at the eastern trailhead, which is located on a cul-de-sac at the end of Saddle Ridge Road in a new housing subdivision just west of Gothic Road, so you basically need to bike to the trailhead from either downtown or Mt. Crested Butte.
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