Magnificent 7 Trail
The Magnificent 7, or "Mag-7," is a long (up to 26 miles) series of up to ten separate trail segments located near the Gemini Bridges region of Moab.  The Bureau of Land Management officially opened the trail in 2012, though those in the know have been riding this secret singletrack delight for years now.  The tread is quintessential Moab canyon riding with generous helpings of slickrock faces, cliff rims, and some sand pits.  It is technically moderate with some deeper drops and tight twists which demand continuous attention from bikers.  Riders are offered a chance to visit the famous Gemini Bridges near the end of the ride, and numerous bailout points offer tired souls a quicker way back to civilization.  Bikers are advised to park a shuttle down low on Hwy 191 and drive up to the trailhead on Hwy 313.  Doing so will turn this ride into one amazing downhill bikegasm! Top of the ride at the intersection of Hwy 313 and Gemini Bridges Road.
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