Palisade Rim Trail
The Palisade Rim Trail is a 12-mile double-loop (or handcuff) trail located in the east side of the Grand Valley.  Construction began in 2011 and was just recently completed in 2013 to replace and expand upon the old trail network originally set by local miners, ranchers, and town locals.  The trail passes by several panels of well preserved rock art, hence the original trail name: Petroglyph Trail.  The track is moderately difficult with the beginning climb and most western portions of trail being the most technical.  The views and dangerous sheer drops can be nothing short of phenomenal at many times.  Ride the loops in a clockwise direction if you want to end up descending on the more technical parts, along the cliff edges.  Bring lots of water as there is very little shade to be found.  Park by the Colorado River to start and bring your swimming trunks for a refreshing dip after a hot ride. Park at the dirt lot by the Colorado River.  There is no parking at the trailhead.
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