COLORADO TRAIL: Jefferson Campground to Georgia Pass
The ride from the Jefferson Campground to Georgia Pass is the favorite portion of the Colorado Trail in the South Park Valley among mountain bikers.  There are several advantages to starting the ride at the Jefferson Campground, as opposed to beginning at Kenosha Pass.  First of all, the distance is cut nearly in half.  Secondly, while there are hordes of hikers around Kenosha Pass, few of them venture as far as the Jefferson Campground, leaving this part of the trail mainly to bikers.  Thirdly, the West Jefferson Trail also runs from the campground to Georgia Pass, serving as an alternate roue and offering the option of doing the ride as a loop rather than an out & back.  In either case, the distance up and back will be about 14 miles, with an elevation gain of nearly 2000 feet. The distance, altitude and moderately challenging trail make this a demanding ride. Park at the day use lot in the campground.  There is a $5 fee at the campground, but this can be avoided by parking just before the toll booth and biking the road to the intersection with the CT.
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