Lake Pueblo State Park
Over the past several years, local bikers have built the more than 60 miles for interconnecting singletrack trails lacing the southern shores of Lake Pueblo.  Nicknamed the "Fruita of the Front Range," the South Shore Trails complex offers everything from easy, long cruisers atop the area's sun drenched mesas to dangerously rocky and ramped trails dropping down into the canyon floor from numerous arroyos.  Trail maps from local shops or at the main parking area by the Arkansas Point campground mark out where each trail's direction and difficulty.  Riding every black-difficulty run will take the better part of the day as well as exploring each of the two longest and most scenic loops: 10-mile Voodoo and 9-mile Outer Limits.  A mellower, less-popular trail system can also be found along the north shore of the Lake but thrill seekers are advised to head South, my friends!
For the official website, please click here.  For a map of the Lake Pueblo trails, please click here.
Arkansas Point parking lot to the South Shore Trails.
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