Deer Creek Trail
The Deer Creek Trail is a fairly long ride.  Take lots of water and plan on enjoying the great views of the north side of Crested Butte Mountain and the East River drainage.  Deer Creek offers some lung busting climbing and 10 miles of awe inspiring singletrack.  Most people ride starting from the Brush Creek end.  This way you get most of the climbing on a doubletrack and its over early.  You can also ride it clockwise starting in the town of Gothic.  If you’re feeling especially spunky, ride it from Gothic, and when you get to the intersection of Deer Creek Road and West Brush Creek Road, turn left and continue on to ride the Teocalli Ridge trail. Whoa! This is a ride you will surely remember!
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This is where Deer Creek forks left away from the road shared by Teocalli.
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