Reno / Flag / Bear / Dead Man's Gulch Loop
This ride is actually a linking of trails that combine to make an incredible day on a bike.  Affectionately known as Reno Flag Bear Deadman’s, this is a classic longer ride of the Cement Creek Area.  Cement Creek Road is found 7 miles south on Highway 135 from town.  If you want to shorten the ride, you can drive up Cement Creek Road and park just short of 7 miles.  There’s a Forest Service parking area on the right where Deadman’s Gulch trail 420 ends.  The loop is 20 miles from this lot (nearly 50 roundtrip from town.)  Plan on the better part of the day for this ride, the climbs are long, the downhills are screamers, and the views are spectacular.  Take extra water, food and some friends; you’ll be glad you did.
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Park along the road.  This is where the trail will loop back onto the road.
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