401 Trail
Arguably one of the best trails in Colorado!  If you are riding this as and out & back, you will start the long climb up from Crested Butte on Gothic Rd for about 4.5 miles towards Schofield Pass.  Just past the town of Gothic turn right onto trail 401 to climb all the way to Schofield Pass on spectacular singletrack. At the top there are awesome views: to the east you can see the Maroon Bells.  From here, the scenery can't be beat. In mid to late summer the fields of wildflowers can be up to your handlebars and the aspen groves are sumptuous. This can also be ridden one way - either uphill or down - using a car shuttle to Schofield Pass. Any way you ride it, you will be thrilled by the 401! At Schofield Pass.
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