Telegraph Hill Trails Network
All around Durango, there are trails.  Steep trails, flat trails, wide trails, and skinny trails. Rocky and smooth, fast and slow. A vast array of singletracks to make your head and your legs spin.  This is especially true on the east side of town, where there are so many trails snaking around that even the most fanatical riders are forced, for reasons of practicality, to ignore or forget about some of the coolest stuff—there’s just too much to deal with.  Obscure tracks encircle the campus of Fort Lewis College and reach onto the adventurous Raider Ridge and into the area of Telegraph Hill, culminating in a chaotic web of singletrack madness that has been known to swallow trail lovers for weeks at a time.  Bleached skeletons scattered trailside, hanging with flaps of Lycra and busted Briko sunglasses, are sad reminders that some riders never make it out.
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Park where you can find a spot.  Trailhead starts near 3rd Street and 9th Avenue.
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